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Computer users can customize the appearance of a program by downloading or creating a "skin," a graphic file that effectively wraps around a program or program element the way a patterned sock wraps around a foot, changing its appearance but not its underlying function. It has become common practice for some players to use skins to create their own characters to play in videogames. Players use a separate program to design a look for a character, and store the instructions for creating that look on the hard drive where the game searches for approved skins.

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Strange etc. However, where there are superheroes, there are also pretty ladies in distress or female superheroes as well. If you are a fan of comic books or movies based on them and, besides that, you really like to see a gorgeous woman on the screen, Marvel really has a lot of treats in store for you.

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Superhero penises entered the mainstream in the '80s when Alan Moore thrust one of the most bizarre comic book penises on the world in The Watchmen. From then on out fans began to openly pontificate about which of their favorite characters were cock of the walk. P eople want answers to the hard questions: is Wolverine circumcised? Does Mr.

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The gratuitous shirtless scene is a Marvel-movie staple, and few of its heroes have been paraded around half-nude more than Chris Hemsworth. As Thor, possibly the most swole superhero in the Marvel cinematic universe, Hemsworth can be counted on to reliably remove his shirt for no reason whatsoever beyond marketing purposes. The latest Marvel movie, Thor: Ragnarokreadily continues that tradition — and yup, Hemsworth still has physical dimensions that would make almost any mortal man envious — but at the same time, Marvel realizes that the ante must be upped.

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But from time to time, your favorite superheroes have been known to don far less than even that leotard. While many designs as of late have opted for more realistic designs and proportions, including armored uniforms and more functional costumes. Obviously, not all of these are by choice, and some are the result of circumstances beyond control such as battle damage or imprisonment.

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As exciting as those things may be, the cream of the crop is the introduction of a Guardians of the Galaxy ride at Disney's California Adventure theme park. Now, for generations to come, young kids will interact with characters who - just a few years ago - were essentially unknown by 99 percent of the U. If that's not a victory in terms of long-term customer acquisition, I don't know what is.

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Vance, or Teej as he likes to be called, is the owner of the Naked Truth, a sleazy tabloid magazine that has its offices located in Times Square. Through an invasion of privacy, Vance was able to obtain topless photos of the super-heroine She-Hulkwho at the time had just recently joined the Fantastic Four. When She-Hulk -- in her civilian identity of lawyer Jennifer Walters -- learned that Vance had purchased the photos, she tracked him down to his office with her then boyfriend Wyatt Wingfoot to try and get Vance to cease and desist. The lecherous Vance tried to smooth talk Walters into abstaining, but his advances only caused her to make more legal demands.

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ESPN's The Body issue usually brings together some of the world's most notable athletes to strip down and tell their stories to inspire others. Check out all the amazing images done by some of the most talented artists Marvel has to offer. Artist Sara Pichelli said she worked to "combine correct proportions and powerful muscle shapes with a commonly accepted idea of beauty" here.

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