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Tuesday, January 19 She'll be changed. Posted by Friedoline at 9 comments. Posted by Friedoline at 6 comments.

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Post a Comment. Friday, 20 April Sissy Shopping Humiliation. Unfortunately that day never happened due to a flu bug that made Miss quite ill over the holiday period.

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Hi, I'm Teena and I just found your blog. I did make an account there. But there are so many Jamies, I didn't know which to add.

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You can fallow me at my tumblr page. Well now it is time to say that Google made the right choice changing their mind. I think I had a good idea and I will keep coping my post over on tumblr. Tuesday, February 24, Hello and Goodbye to Blogger.

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Nothing can beat the tingling and warm electric waves flowing through your body after a good humiliation. This is a list of the wonderful things I have fantasized, seen and collected from the net and other sources. Some suggestions are clearly for male subs.

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This blog explores the attractions of being seen as a male fully or partially dressed in womens' clothes in public and how some transvestites and sissies are addicted to shame and humiliation that humiliation of being exposed in public like that. Mine will be added asap. I loved looking at myself in the mirror especially in shopping malls to see a feminine image that I found attractive; that turned me on, but then to experience the shame that came with recognising that the apparition before me was me - a boy - dressed in girls clothes, in a public place and every body could see what I was.

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Sunday, 10 February Tumblr Torment. With the purge on Tumblr many sites have ended. Still plenty there for your viewing pleasure but if you track any I missed then give me a note.

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I have a debit card, a credit card, a Nectar card, a Boots Advantage card - and now I have a sissy card, too! Sissy Exposure A real man wouldn't put up with half the things I accept from my wife, but then I've never been a real man. I don't fight it when she makes me dress up like a fairy, or when she brings home studs and has sex with them while I watch - and I don't even mind that she's encouraged me to expose myself online by sharing lots of photos of me all dolled up in my sissy attire. But every now and then, she'll do something that sets me a little bit too much on edge, like purchasing an Official Sissy Status Card from Strict Mistress and demanding that I keep it in my wallet at all times.

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Having the salesgirl who had just fitted me for "fuck me" black pumps ask if I was interested in one of the purses they had on sale. I'm not sure why exactly, but it caught me off guard and drove home what a total fairy I really am. Walking up a staircase at the mall in high heeled women's loafers while four or five teenaged girls followed behind me giggling and guffawing.

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Our Different Journey. Just like real life, so in trans life, people come and go. This may be doubly true when you're lucky enough to be involved in blogs, or a support group, such as Nottingham Chameleons. I knew at my very first school, at the age of 5, that I found little girls clothing was SO attractive, and specifically at the time their little ballet costumes and ballet shoes, and I was irresistibly drawn to it.


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