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Scientists have devised a machine that can help women achieve 'emphatic' orgasms at the push of a button. Slightly smaller than a packet of cigarettes, the device uses electrodes attached to the patients spine, with orgasms being triggered by a remote control. The machine is not intended for a mass market looking to spice up their day at whim or expedite their sexual encounters however, but for women who normally struggle to achieve orgasm.

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Scientists have finally quit goofing around with all that cancer-research and time travel nonsense and moved on to working on something actually important—orgasms. A group of heroes scientists have come up with a machine that can reportedly provide orgasms for women at the switch of a buttonaccording to the sex reporters at CBS Charlotte. A little smaller than a packet of cigarettes, the machine is designed to be a medical implant that uses electrodes to trigger an orgasm.

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Skip navigation! Story from Movies. It was instantly controversial, and the film was condemned by American censor Joseph Breen as "highly — even dangerously — indecent.

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Kayt Sukel was an undergraduate research assistant in a neuroscience lab at Harvard University before she decided to jump right into science -- literally. She crawled inside a functional MRI machine, where she was tethered with a mesh net harness to hold her head still, and sexually stimulated herself to climax in that awkward setting -- not just once, but twice, so researchers could map her brain activity. It was a scene even she admits felt straight out of a porno film, but Sukel said she knew she was contributing to the scientific understanding of what happens to the brain during orgasm.

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This art directly references the images used to promote RealTouch. The illustration was made by Carly Jean Andrews. This piece first appeared in Logic, a new magazine about technology.

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The wearser would use a hand-held remote control to send signals to surgical implants in their own spinal cord, which would then stimulate an orgasm. Dr Stuart Meloy told New Scientist it would be programmed to limit its use, adding:. Meloy said the inspiration came as he was placing electrodes for another procedure and failed to hit the right spot.

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A spinal implant switch that can give women remote-controlled orgasms might sound like something straight out of science fiction but it could be closer than you think. An electronic sex chip, dubbed the Orgasmatron, has been patented in the US by anesthesiologist and pain specialist Dr Stuart Meloy. A volunteer would have to be willing to have electrodes inserted in her spine and then have a pacemaker-size machine implanted under the skin to have the sexual release.

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Sexual dysfunction is a serious problem for many women, and now US scientists believe they have found a new way to help with it. Women with severe problems that don't respond to other forms of treatment would have a device the size of a cigarette packet implanted under the skin of their buttocks. Working similarly to a pacemaker, the device has electrodes that connect to pleasure centres.

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